I think it's the right definition for Italy.

BEAUTIFUL: Because, thanks to its history, the nature, the location, the territory, the artistic and cultural heritage it really can be called one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

FRAGILE: For all that we have here should be guarded with care, patience and commitment. Unfortunately too often happens that, those people responsible for the administration of this little treasure decide that it's more important to enrich themselves and think about their business, rather than honestly engage in the tasks entrusted to them by the Italians, who have given their trust at the time of elections.
The Italian political class, unfortunately, is absolutely unable to fulfill its duties. Its best aspiration is to "fool people".
These are the results, under the eyes of all, from north to south, almost every year, whan it rains for almost a pair of days or more...

This is somewhere in Sardinia

Sorry, but this time my feeling about my beloved country it makes me write angry words... 

Here we are in "Le Cinque Terre" comment!

Somewhere near Savigliano (Cuneo), in Piemonte.

Genova, again...some days ago.

This was a street where people used to walk.

Can you recognize Genova?
What's happened here, in Sicilia?

This was Giampilieri....not so far from Taormina, Sicily.

Turin, a way called "Murazzi Po". Scenes like this are usual here.

A Romantic bridge? ...Somewhere in Alessandria

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Mike said...

I do agree with you its very beautiful and fragile place. I loved all photos shared by you. Last one is amazing.
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