I think there is a great difference 
a tourist and a traveler. 

 The tourist often pays for 
an all inclusive holiday, 
with a route already established, 
the safety and comfort of a good tour operator. 

He fills his eyes and mind of images, 
flavours and places to remember, 
but he remains firmly anchored 
in all that he has left home, 
there where has always been his heart.

A tourist periodically grants to himself a pause 
and a bit of relax, 
away from the certainties of his daily life, 
where, however, after some
 he cannot wait to come back home. 

 A real traveler in departing
opens his heart and mind, 
hoping to meet people like him.

 Because in his journey what really matters 
is the path, 
not just the goal. 

For a traveler every road, every place is an opportunity, 
the chance to confront himself with others, 
to learn and understand, 
to enrich the spirit, 
thanks to new and unusual experiences. 

Behind every picture, every photo, 
every image stolen at the time, 
there’s a story, a memory, an adventure, 
a meeting, a new friendship.

 Well, I've always felt as a traveler. 
Because when I get home, in complete safety and quiet, 
with my family and friends…

After a while 'time I feel a subtle nostalgia, 
a need, a restlessness that takes my soul.

No matter where, what counts for me is to travel. 

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